The Peanut Butter Promise
Spreading Hope to Fulfill Your Purpose!

 By Steve Rose


Advance Praise for The Peanut Butter Promise

Foreword – by Craig Culver, Co-founder, Culver’s

Introduction – The Peanut Butter Promise is for You

Chapter 1 - From Entremanure to Entrepreneur

Chapter 2 – 7 Powers of the Peanut Butter Promise
                  The Power of Purpose
                  The Power of Passion
                  The Power of Plan and Action
                  The Power of Perseverance
                  The Power of Positive Attitude
                  The Power of Personal Development
                  The Power of Priorities

Chapter 3 – 7 Principles of the Peanut Butter Promise
                  The Principle of Integrity
                  The Principle of Responsibility
                  The Principle of Self-Discipline
                  The Principle of Excellence
                  The Principle of Cooperation
                  The Principle of Communication
                  The Principle of Association

Chapter 4 – 7 Laws of the Peanut Butter Promise
                  The Law of Cause and Effect
                  The Law of Accumulation
                  The Law of Belief
                  The Law of Expectation
                  The Law of Attraction
                  The Law of Practice
                  The Law of Impossible Substitution

Chapter 5 – 7 Virtues of the Peanut Butter Promise
                  The Virtue of Kindness
                  The Virtue of Compassion
                  The Virtue of Humility
                  The Virtue of Trustworthiness
                  The Virtue of Gratitude
                  The Virtue of Forgiveness
                  The Virtue of Loyalty

Chapter 6 – The DreamGoal Achievement Program  

Chapter 7 – 7 Seeds of Service of the Peanut Butter                                        Promise – by Charlene Rose

Conclusion – Keeping Our Peanut Butter Promise


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