Endorsements for The Peanut Butter Promise Book…
I have had the opportunity to speak at their Peanut Butter Promise events and got to feel firsthand their warmth and sincerity. Steve and Charlene are wonderful people, and the book is wonderful as well.

Craig Culver, Co-Founder, Culver’s Restaurants

Steve has provided a compass for all of us with his inspirational writing that guides and fulfills. His character and moral fabric embrace all he touches. I am so thankful for his work and dedication to helping so unselfishly with the gifts he provides in The Peanut Butter Promise.
Kevin Harlan, Announcer, CBS Sports, NBA on TNT

Steve and Charlene Rose are two of the most dedicated people that I have ever met. We have worked well together for a long time. Their vision is based on life’s experiences, both in business and beyond. They give The Peanut Butter Promise its breath and definition.
Wayne Larrivee, Announcer, Green Bay Packers Radio Network

Steve Rose’s fast-moving and inspiring book The Peanut Butter Promise is absolutely loaded with numerous great ideas that you can apply immediately to set and achieve all your DreamGoals.
Brian Tracy, Author/Speaker, Maximum Achievement

I’ve known of Steve’s incredibly positive impact of his work and his gift to provide hope for many years. The Peanut Butter Promise is for anyone who is serious about fulfilling the purpose for their life.
Dick Bennett, Coach, Wisconsin Badgers Basketball, NCAA 2000 Final Four


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