The Peanut Butter Promise

Steve is best known for writing Leap of Faith: God Must Be a Packer Fan (Angel Press, 1996) that sold over 50,000 copies of hope and encouragement in less than a year. This launched his dream of becoming a professional encourager which he has been doing since 1996. In 2013, he was the executive producer of a 13-week television series based on his book called Coincidence or Godincidence. The show was sponsored by Johnsonville and aired on select CW and FOX stations.

​​​Each of their testimonies are similar in that they’ve both overcome addictions, rebounding from various stumbles, slipups and other failures, and now share how others can do the same to provide hope that they, too, can live their dreams in accordance with God’s plan and purpose for their life in-spite of their past mistakes.

Charlene is a humble servant who was miraculously delivered from drugs in her late teens. In 2017 she produced a half-hour national television documentary called Only 16: Tragedy of 2 Billys about her brother Billy who at 16-years young was a passenger killed in an alcohol-related car accident. In 2018 she hosted a three-city “Voices for Better Choices” tour that featured the viewing of Only 16 and special guests who spoke on the topic of underage drinking drug use and other poor choices.

​​​​​​Charlene & Steve Rose

The Roses have presented live Peanut Butter Promise Power-Encouragement programs where they are joined by a wide array of national business and community leaders and professional sports arena.

Charlene and Steve Rose have pledged to spend the rest of their lives providing anointed hope and encouragement-filled resources to help people seek, find and fulfill God’s plan and purpose for their life.

The Roses enjoy Tuesday and Saturday Date Nights that includes snuggling on the couch watching TMC movie classics while munching on massive amounts of popcorn and sipping Cherry Cola.  

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